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  • More blog issues

    The categories functionality for 3dcart's new blog feature is kind of goofy.

    Although I can assign a blog post to more than one category (an essential feature, BTW) the blog home page will only show the post as belonging to one category. How it goes about choosing which category to display is anybody's guess..the first one alphabetically, perhaps?

    If I click on the categories links in the nav bar, I will see the post listed in all of the categories it has been assigned to. However, the page that shows all the posts for each category is kind of goofy as well.

    First of all, there is no header at the top of the page telling you that you are looking at all the postings for Category 1, for example. I sure wish I knew which page in the common folder this was. Then I might be able to fix some of this stuff up. I have copied the blog.html file into my template folder and made some modifications, but what I need to know is which page displays the blog category listings. Does anyone know? It does not seem to come from blog.html

    Also, if I click on, say, the Category 2 link in the nav bar, it will display all the posts that have been assigned to Category 2, all right. But the post header might say "posted by Leroy to Category 1", because remember the system will only list one category for the post in the post header. So it looks kind of silly (and confusing to the user) to display all the Category 2 posts, and right at the top of some of these posts it might say it belongs to Category 1 only.

    This needs to be fixed. Any advice from 3dcart?

    This feature leaves the impression to users of being kind of half-baked and amateurish -- not the kind of impression we want to leave in an ecommerce site.

    3dcart has been promoting this for a long time now as a new feature in 3.2 . Well, let's fix it up so we can actually use it.