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    I have setup the mobile part of my web sites through 3D. But does it automatically go to the mobile version when someone clicks on a link to my page? If I do it at home on my Ipod Touch it just goes to my regular web page

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    Your mobile site would be at:

    If you click on the "+" button on the bottom of the touch and select "add to home screen" it will put a icon on your home screen for you.

    Here are more details on that along with getting into mobile admin:

    You can customize your header and footer on your store with these details:

    You can customize the icon that is placed on your home screen by following the instructions in this post:
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      Hi Jeff,

      For the mobile version of your store, there is a redirect script that can be placed on your site so that it automatically redirects mobile phone browsers to your "http://www.domain/mobile."

      The script is designed to detect the popular mobile browsers and perform a redirect when these browsers are used. (It should also work for the iPad browser.)

      Here's the code, which can be seen in the mcommerce config settings in your store modules section.

      <script type="text/javascript" src="assets/templates/common/mobile/detect.js"> </script>
      Place the code in your frame.html template just before the closing "Head" tag. (Look for "</head>")

      As an alternative, you can also place the code in your site's global header section by going to Settings =>Design =>Header & Footer. If using the global header option however, please be sure to mark the "Enable" checkbox for the header so that it is in effect.