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Bandwidth usage issue

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  • Bandwidth usage issue

    Our bandwidth usage doubled about two weeks ago and now we are nearing the monthly limit. Our daily users has not changed. Should I open a ticket? Has something changed in the way 3dcart computes bandwidth???
    I am really having a problem with this one. :(

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    You aren't the only one..

    Today my message says that they expect my OVERAGE to be 2.33 Gb :eek: That was my whole monthly usage under the old cart.


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      I feel I am having similar issues Mark. I saw in another post that you closed your store. Did that help?

      I want to move to a cheaper plan, but that means less bandwidth.


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        bandwidth usage

        I too have issues with the bandwidth calculations.
        Not so much with how 3d calculates it, but I'm having to pay for overages 2 months running. It's only the 22nd and I'm already at my limit of 15GB.

        I just had a quick first look at Smarter Stats. very interesting.
        Would love someone to share some ins & outs and advice on it.
        But my biggest bandwidth culprit is the Googlebot.
        Over 4GB this month so far, and by the time the month is over the amount I'm over will probably be equal to what the Googlebot has used up.

        So, do I block the Googlebot? Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.
        Especially since most of my traffic comes from google.
        But I'm all ears to anyone with 2 cents on the matter.

        Further the biggest usage of bandwidth is thumbnail.asp
        So what to do? I guess every item has a thumbnail and every thumbnail displayed takes up bandwidth.

        Another matter. The pageviews : visitor ratio is awfully high.
        Does thumbnail.asp count as a page?



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          You can add your product image directory to your robots.txt disallow file which may help. You would want check on possible SEO issues on this first. Even though robots don't see pics they do read the alt tags.
          If anyone knows any thing on this I'd be interested to know to.


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            Google does index images though, and we've gotten a lot of clicks directly from our images which are indexed in So I'm not sure I'd want to stop the bots from crawling your images. Granted, they're a bandwidth hog, but it might be worth it to you to continue to allow Google to have access to them.


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              good point and I guess it's just a matter of time that thumbs will be in the search results if the aren't already on some engines.