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    We've wanted to offer International shipping quotes to our customers just like our domestic ones on the view cart page for ever. We want to be able to have the customer enter their city, state, postal code and country and get a quick quote like we do for the US. I've contacted 3dcart and they still say it can only be done for domestic customers on the view cart page. Now, me being who I am, tried to find some way to do it on my own, and while researching, I noticed that on the "One Page Checkout" Page you can get an international shipping quote by entering just that info (not the full address) and it shows our FEDEX rates in a little box. So now in my brain it seems that it should be possible to do that same thing on the View Cart page just pulling those variables, we should be able to offer a quote for the US or by changing the Country for International as well, right?

    Has anyone accomplished this, or can anyone explain in more detail, why we aren't able to quote like the ONe Page Checkout does on our View Cart Page? Thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated.

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    In the view_cart.html there appears to be two different versions of the shipping calculation form, the default is <!--START: ShipQuote--> and the other is <!--START: ShipQuoteInternational-->

    I don't know where in 3DCart you configure which one to use, so I manually replaced the default form with the code for the international form.
    It doesn't quite seem to work though. The pop-up boxes for country aren't populated. Has anyone messed with this?