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  • Excel Inventory Update Issue

    I am hoping someone here might know a way to do this as I am sure I am not the first person that faced this issue. We have our items at lots of places our prostores website, our 3dcart website "comming soon", amazon, and ebay. At times I need to make changes to items quantity in bulk, so this is easier to understand I will use an example.

    Lets say all our inventory in our 3dcart site is correct, so I download it to an excel file. Now lets say I want to update our prostores quantity using an excel file is there a way to do a bulk find and replace or something, so based on our items sku it could find lots of sku's at once then update the quantity field for thouse sku's on the items having matching sku with different inventory count?

    I thank you in advance for any help anyone can give.
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    Hi Jimmy,
    There is a couple of articles on this topic, please review;


    Basically we make it very easy for you to upload a file with SKU/Inventory, as well as export the data.
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      It sounds like you want all of your stores to be master inventory lists instead of just one.

      By that I mean, if items sell on 3d the prostore is updated to reflect the lower quantity. If prostores sells an item you want the update reflected on the 3d quantity.

      Maybe an "if" conditional statement in excel? You have one tab for each stores inventory export and one tab for each stores inventory import.

      You use your conditional statement to compare the export lists and then update the import tabs with the lowest quantity if the items. Theny you save the import tabs off as a .csv and import them to the respective carts.

      Like Gil's links will show, 3d's inventory export/import is pretty straight forward and you shouldn't have any problems with that. The work will be setting up the formulas in your spreadsheet.

      But, once set up,it should make updating all of your shops a lot less time consuming.