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Sorting packing slips by SKU

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  • Sorting packing slips by SKU

    We need to sort our packing slip by SKU. The current template lists items on the packing slip in the order they were purchased. This is a huge problem when you try to pick an order with 30 to 40 items. Our warehouse is arranged in SKU order. Any suggestions??

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    This is actually possible. You have to remember that the template for this page is basically HTML, so anything we can do on an HTML page we can usually accomplish on the template, and therefore the output page.

    This can be done via javascript or as I've done with a jquery script. The issue with javascript is it will not allow us to set a preferred sort column, where jquery will. I first did it with javascript, and then redid it with jquery as I wanted the default sort.

    You can see a video of the sort here (note I am sorting first by manufacturer and then by manufacturer number, but I have not gotten those fields filled yet)

    2012-01-17_2037 - rtysmith's library

    I used the jquery from jQuery plugin: Tablesorter 2.0 to make this work. I moved the necessary files from tablesorter into my asset file and linked to them from the template page. Most important, and where I almost got stuck and gave up, is the use of <th> tags for the header row vs. <td>, as well as including the necessary tabs to make the table work, and the script calls.

    With basic HTML knowledge, you should be able to do this yourself; however after fine tuning and testing and trying for 3-4 days, I think I got it done now and could probably do it next time in a couple of hours, so feel free to PM me if you'd prefer to hire vs. learn yourself.


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      Posted a month or so ago about this & I bit the bullet & paid $200 for them to do this for me... Was worth the headache.