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How do you handle products with MAP and MSRP pricing?

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  • How do you handle products with MAP and MSRP pricing?

    We have several manufacturers who have recently enacted policies that dictate what price we can display and/or sell their products at. For instance, one manufacturer forces us to display a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price), but we can disclose a lower price to the customer once they have initiated contact with us via email, chat or phone. The trick is how to convey this to the customer without violating their policy. At one time we could simply do 2-click shopping, where the actual sale price appears after they add the item to their cart. However, they have disallowed that, so now we are forced to use a coupon code. We would like to be able to use a single simple coupon code to discount ALL products affected by the MAP (e.g., "LOW" or "SAVE"). Unfortunately, the marketing manager module does not allow multiple campaigns for the same product. Using a percentage discount for all products is not a good option either, because this takes away any fine tuning we have for pricing of individual products.

    Has anyone else had to deal with MAP policies from manufacturers? If so, how did you handle it? We are looking for some creative solutions.



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    Hmmm, I guess we are the only ones out there who get to have fun with this! :confused:


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      About 25% of the 30,000 products we sell have MAP or MSRP policies in place. We've been dealing with it for years. We tend to just price them as cheaply as allowed to and move on. Haven't tried to find a creative way to get around them.


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        If I have something that a shop is selling under MAP I put something like "Add to Cart for pricing!" in the Display Text section.

        Of course, there are some manufacturers that frown on this practice also so you'll need to read your agreement.


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          We have button in the same area as price on every item. It says, "Request a Price Match!"

          Some people change the "In Stock Message" to display: Add to cart for a lower price! Under the ADVANCED tab, when you are looking at your product, there's a field called "Display Text." You can set that to MAP and keep your pricing where you want it. Note: if you sort by price, the price you set (not the display text) is the one that will be used. However, several manufacturers' MAP Policies forbid this strategy.
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            Did you ever find a good solution for this? We are converting our site over to 3dcart and are looking for some other creative ways to get around MAP pricing, other than the display text line.

            We have a page dedicated to MAP pricing info, letting the customers know what it is and how we choose to get around it, however I need a way to link this page to each MAP Product.

            I like the idea of a general coupon code for all MAPed items, have you been able to figure this out?