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Need to do something reagrding reviews.

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  • Need to do something reagrding reviews.

    We had a bad review, obviously from a competitor, that cast a bad review of our product. They used a "fake" email address, and, as a result, an email went out, but, the "fake" email address turned out to be a "real" email address of a non-customer. As a result, the non-customer was pissed off that an email went to them thanking them for a product review that they had not even submitted. Does anyone see a way to prevent this?
    For example, a competitor visists your website, posts a negative review and then submits a dummy email address (as far as they know) but, that email adress turns out to be real......Anyway to avoid this? I can;t think of any. :(

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    Using 'require login' for reviews might help and limit reviews to be entered by registered customers only.