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How to get cart to correctly calculate total shipping weight?

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  • How to get cart to correctly calculate total shipping weight?

    We missed out on a $2500 order today since the shipment methods don't seem to calculate correctly. We have UPS ground enabled and also Custom shipping enabled (Truck Freight) and the UPS max weight is 1000 pounds and the custom truck freight is also limited to 1000 pounds. This customer's order was a little over 600 pounds. ONE of the items weighs 300 pounds. We have the custom method setup by weight all the way up to 1,000 lbs. The shipping would not calculate correctly and the customer called and bailed. Why doesn't this order go out the truck freight custom the way we have it setup? Why is it trying to use UPS?
    This is the error: 11/5/2010 UPS The maximum per package weight for the selected service from the selected country is 150 pounds.

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    Most likely you have UPS Ground setup for 0 to 1000 lbs as well, so, if a 600 lbs order comes in, it will try that method.

    What you want to do is probably set the UPS max to 150, and anything over 150, go with a custom method that will end up being truck freight.

    So 2 rules

    0 150 -> Ups Ground
    151 10000 -> Manual/Custom method
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      Yes, we tried that, but, that doesn't work either. We would still like for orders to ship UPS up to around 300 pounds for the total order, and, would like orders over that to go freight. But, this doesn't work. Here is cart:

      One item, 150 pounds, ships UPS! This works.
      Second item, 150 pounds, order ships truck freight.
      Third item, 10 lbs, shipping wont calculate. Can't check out.
      So, once you get into truckfreight, you can't add a UPS shippable item to your order. It just will not work. Do you know why that it wont?
      Unfortunately, we will have to change all our heavy items and build the shipping into the price.
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        Seems like you may want to set the "Ships by itself" option in the product information for those products that are packaged individually. Unless all your products are actually put into one big box before they're sent out, but at multiple 150 lb. items, I would doubt that.

        I'm fairly sure that without this checked, the system will think that all the items are being put in one package and since UPS has a limit of 150 lbs. per package, it's kicking you out of that.

        So that way you can still ship UPS for orders that are 1000 lbs. in total, but only if each package is less than or equal to 150 lbs.