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How Do I Correct The Spelling Of Error 54

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  • How Do I Correct The Spelling Of Error 54

    I unsubscribed myself from a product waiting list, and when I did, I noticed the spelling was wrong on the resulting page. Here's a mini-screenshot:

    How can I correct the spelling in both the displayed notification as well as the breadcrumbs trail above it?

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    Nevermind, found it. System Messages... I'll be glad when I finally have used this long enough that I don't have to ask these dumb "Where is it?" questions. :)


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      Hi piaf,

      There are no "dumb, where is it?" type questions. Believe me, even I forget about certain areas of the cart. If it'll make you feel better, I totally forgot about the system messages section. Part of the price of having so many nooks and crannies and features to play with. :)

      Thanks for pointing out the typo in that section, by the way! I had it on my test store, so it looks like the misprint is a default mistake on our part.

      I'll let the developers know so we can fix that globally on the system!

      Good luck with the store!


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        Thanks Henry! I think we're going to be very happy here with 3dCart. :)