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  • How To Change "Address Type"

    We allow our customers to specify the type of address they want us to ship their order to, either Commercial or Residential. Normally, this works great, but occasionally we get people who don't understand that a home-based business is NOT a commercial address. In those cases, we'd like to update the Address Type on their account so that any future orders are charged the correct amount to ship.

    So how do I change the address type in the customer's shipping address?

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    Hi Piaf

    Not sure what you mean about editing the customer's account, since the Residential/Commercial Shipping option is specific to the order rather than the customer's account record. Meaning that, even if they place an order with the wrong address type, it really only affects the order. It doesn't lock their account to using that shipping address type for future orders. Upon their subsequent return visits to your store, they'll get to make the selection again.

    Perhaps editing your checkout pages slightly to let your customers KNOW that there's a stark difference between the two address types would be an idea?

    You have a couple of different options available to do this:

    If you're familiar with HTML, you can edit the HTML templates for checkout-step1.html (or checkout-singlepage.html if you use single page checkout)

    However, I think the easiest, "less-headache," method is to edit the store language section.

    If you go to Settings =>Design =>Store Language and search for the "CustomerInfo" section, you'll see a field where you can edit the "Commercial" label in the drop down menu. Instead of having it just read "Commercial" you can edit it so that it says:

    "Commercial (Home Based Businesses do not qualify)"

    It'll stretch out the drop down menu a bit to fit all of that into the field, but it's an easy way of labeling the option so your customers know which selection is more apt for their order. :)


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      Thank you Henry, I think I'll go with your Store Language suggestion. :)

      I *assumed* that the Type designation stuck with the customer's shipping address on their account as a whole, because that's how it was set up on the previous cart I used. So it's good to know how it works over here. Thanks again, as usual, you've been a great help! :)