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Product options - impact on SEO and feeds?

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  • Product options - impact on SEO and feeds?

    Can anyone shed some light on the pros and cons of using product options versus creating individual products for items that could be set up either way?

    Since individual products have a unique URL and options for a product do not, is one better than the other for SEO and shopping engine feeds?

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    Feedback, anyone? Thanks!


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      We use advanced options so each item has its own SKU. The feed however only sends the parent Product ID.
      I am sure you would get more SEO bang having individual items, with more specific descriptive information in each name (long tail search terms). However when I look at it from customer usability point of view, shopping on the site would be hell if we did not use options. Trying to find different colors and sizes would be confusing, time consuming and create more customer service calls and abandonment.
      I am not sure if it is possible to format the feed to have items that have advanced options included in the feed individually with the option tagged to the name and description. They would still have the same URL, which might cause a duplicate content warning?


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        @spardue For SEO purposes, If you have one page with all of the keywords, that one page competes with the rest of the internet. If you have two pages, those pages compete with each other and the rest of the internet. Two nearly identical pages dilute your SEO juice and may trigger filters that prevent one from being indexed by google. If it makes sense for your business, one is better than two...unless, you do something interesting and try to optimize each page for different keyword phrases (that people use often enough).

        For shopping engine feeds: I'm not sure if it makes a difference. Seems like 6 of one, half dozen of the other.


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          Thanks for your comments, elightbox and bzeltzer - those are exactly the kinds of SEO issues I'm concerned about.

          Alas, in working on my site design, I find the product pages for individual products much more attractive than the ones for a product with options.

          My product options would be colors, and I want to display decent-sized swatches for each color. I am NOT using the dropdown images - those images are too small and only display one at a time, while I want all colors to be displayed and visible at one time.

          I have experimented with Image Gallery, which is pretty slick, but can't find a way to prevent it from "graying out" the non-active swatches, and since I'm displaying them for color, graying them out changes the way the colors appear on the screen until they are clicked on - not user-friendly for a customer who wants to view all the colors at once without having to click on each one. (Tech support tells me this cannot be changed, nor can I make the image text (color name) display larger and centered above the large image.)

          Has anyone using options for colors found a good way to display all the colors at once on the product screen? I'd love to see some examples!

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