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Issues with the zoom.asp

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  • Issues with the zoom.asp

    On our site there are certain instances where the url link to the image enlargement is not working.
    For example, when you click on the product image, it is supposed to open in a new window with the full size image.
    Go here:

    When you click the image, if you look at the url that is built, it is formatted incorrectly. Can someone explain why this work on some products properperly and on others it formats the link incorrectly?
    I have opened a support ticket.

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    Okay, figured it out. The forward/\backward slashes affect the zoom.asp script. While sometimes the cart formats the image links as /etc/etc or could be \etc\etc, the images display, but the script cannot work on both url types. Hope this helps someone. Not sure why the cart formats the image links inconsistently, but, I have found the culprit! :)
    We will need to export all our products and correct the incorrect formating of the image url. As I remember, we have had to do this in the past. Especially when the software revision was changed.
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