Hi all,

I have no idea if this is possible or not, but I would like to have an option value as a percent (rather than a specific dollar amount price).

The scenario is that I'm selling a tablecloth that has a "finished" edge (not hemmed) at $18.50. To add a hemmed edge would be +10% of the base price. I can add the option value (Check box option: Hemmed Edge) of $1.85, but I also offer volume discounts and it would not be correct at each different level. For example, buying 10-24 tablecloths drops the price to $15.36 each, making a hemmed edge +$1.54 at this 2nd tier price level, not the $1.85 at the first 1-9 tier level.

If I was able to make the option value a percentage, then theoretically it could just add 10% to each level (regardless of the volume tier), but I don't see a way to implement that.

Any ideas, suggestions, or recommendations is GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you in advance,