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  • Customer Account Creation & Approval

    I am setting up a wholesale business, and will require customers to register and get approval prior to being able to see Silver/Gold Level Dealer pricing (MSRP & Bronze level are displayed for all to see).

    I've noticed two issues:

    1) I cannot get rid of the default "Retail Account" in the Account Type (register.asp - I can see the page source but cannot find on the admin pages where to delete or block out retail accounts). I do not have "Retail Account" in my "Customer Groups."

    2) Customer Approval (Pending) status: If I do not "approve" the customer from the link provided in the "Customer Registration - Merchant" email, there is no way to view the Customer registration information on the admin site since the Customer does not yet appear in the "Customer List." (The info is on the email, but I think it should be available on the admin site.)

    Are there any work-around, or did I miss something? Thanks.

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    3dCart Support provided the following answers to my support inquiry email (within 70 minutes!):

    1) The Retail account refers to any customers not assigned to a customer group. They would fall under the default non group, labeled as retail account for the purpose of selecting a group.

    It unfortunately, cannot be removed, however, if you go to Settings-> Design-> Store Language you can change the wording to anything you like, or leave the field blank and there will just be a blank space instead of Retail Account.

    2) If you go to Customers-> View edit, select Filter, there is a drop down list for enabled, select disabled and search, this will pull up the list of all customers disabled and not yet enabled.


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      I agree that this is poor User Interface design.

      In the future there should be an alert on the Admin Panel (on the home page, and on the "main" customer page) that a new customer, that needs to be approved, has been registered.

      It takes too many steps to determine if new customers have registered.