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3DZoom Issue with Safari

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  • 3DZoom Issue with Safari

    New 3dCart user and just about ready to open our store's checkout process to the masses. :)

    Had a question on the 3DZoom feature. While it appears to unfortunately be a bandwidth hog (from reading other posts), I'd like to test it out a bit; however, I'm having a problem with it when using Safari or Chrome (Mac head here). When viewing an individual product with 3DZoom enabled, the product image appears for an instant and then shrinks away to nothing...leaving no product image to see. The problem does not appear in other browsers from what I can tell. I'm using template v32003 with only the slightest of mods (GA code per 3DCart instructions).

    I've seen something possibly related in another post, with the resolution being an adjustment in the timeout settings on the listing template, but I checked and mine already has the new figure in it.

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    I see this behavior as well on Safari on OS X 10.6. I thought it was just my browser. Just curious, does clearing the cache fix it for you? I thought that worked once for me. Either way, it's an incompatibility that they should fix.


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      Clearing the cache does not work. This anomaly shows up in any of the 3DCarts I've viewed (from folks posting their links here) where 3DZoom is being used. Granted Safari is only around 6% of the market right now, but that's not a reason to keep those users/potential conversions from seeing your product. It needs to be fixed/looked at.

      A similar anomaly shows up on the admin side when trying to preview a template using basically have to right-click and view the preview in a new tab because clicking "Preview" does nothing (sometimes you can see the zoom-to-nothing effect, but in this case, the stock preview pic stays put).

      I use OSX 10.6.5 on all my machines.


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        Even 3DCart's own site has bug...

        Just thought I'd add that the same exact problem occurs with 3DCart's own Pre-built template section on their website:

        I had to open Firefox up to view the templates...

        Here's what I ended up with when using Safari:
        Not very helpful. This is exactly what customers see with 3DZoom enabled and Safari being used.
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          Oh well...

          Sent this off to the 3dcart support team, but unfortunately, they couldn't duplicate the problem (I sent them a screen capture movie showing the problem in action). 3DZoom currently doesn't work on 5 of my computers: 2 Macs (Safari and Chrome browser) and 3 PC's (Chrome browser) spread across home and office. It's not a problem affecting just our site template as this bug appears on every 3dcart site that uses 3DZoom (that I've seen in these forums), including 3d's own site. So the problem probably lies in Java somewhere (our systems have the latest version) or the common webkit components in Chrome and Safari.

          Whatever the case, it's a feature we won't use I guess. Anyone other than bzeltzer seen this problem? I just hope it's a problem limited to our small fleet of machines somehow and not customers.


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            I saw the bug too, when cleaning up my product detail page. I rewrote nearly every line of code on the page, and in the process I believe I fixed the bug. Here's the relevant code:

            <script type="text/javascript"> 
             MagicZoomPlus.options = {
            <div id="large_image">
            			<!--START: image1-->
            				<a href="[image1]" class="MagicZoomPlus" id="Zoomer">
            				<img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[image1]&amp;maxx=300&amp;maxy=325" alt="Product Image 1" id="large" name="large"></a> <br>
            				<!-- <span id="imagecaptiont" class="item">[imagecaption1]</span> -->
            			<!--END: image1-->
            			<div id="image_thumbs" style="float:left">
            				<!--START: image2-->
            		        <a href="[image2]" rel="zoom-id:Zoomer" rev="thumbnail.asp?file=[image2]&amp;maxx=300&amp;maxy=[image_medium_h]">
            				<img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[image2]&amp;maxx=75&amp;maxy=0" alt="Product Image 2" name="pimage2"></a>
            				<!--END: image2-->
            				<!--START: image3-->
            				<a href="[image3]" rel="zoom-id:Zoomer" rev="thumbnail.asp?file=[image3]&amp;maxx=300&amp;maxy=[image_medium_h]">
            				<img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[image3]&amp;maxx=75&amp;maxy=0" alt="Product Image 3" name="pimage3"></a>
            				<!--END: image3-->
            				<!--START: image4-->
            				<a href="[image4]" rel="zoom-id:Zoomer" rev="thumbnail.asp?file=[image4]&amp;maxx=300&amp;maxy=[image_medium_h]">
            				<img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[image4]&amp;maxx=75&amp;maxy=0" alt="Product Image 4" name="pimage4"></a>
            				<!--END: image4-->
            				<!--START: image5-->
            				<a href="[image5]" rel="zoom-id:Zoomer" rev="thumbnail.asp?file=[image5]&amp;maxx=300&amp;maxy=[image_medium_h]">
            				<img src="thumbnail.asp?file=[image5]&amp;maxx=75&amp;maxy=0" alt="Product Image 5" name="pimage5"></a>
            				<!--END: image5-->

            Hope this helps.


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              Also, here is an example page where you can see if you get the bug on my site:



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                It looks like you're not using the 3DZoom feature on that page though right? I don't get a pop-up, zoomed image when I mouse over the image. Looks like what I get when the "Enable Product Page Zoom" option in Store Settings is set to "None", which is what I set mine back to. Have to click on image to zoom it.

                I love the slow motion pop-out effect you've done though! :D


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                  Oh, I think that is a sub-feature of 3DZoom (which is really called MagicZoomPlus)
                  The full documentation is here:

                  And examples here:

                  So you can see if it works for you. The options are controlled in the first block of code I posted.


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                    I'll check that out, thanks!

                    I uploaded a quick video on YouTube showing the problem on our site as well as 3dcart's own site:



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                      We are looking into this, seems to be a Safari on Mac only issue, using Safari 5.0.3 (7533.19.4) here on PC and the resizing does not occur.

                      Anyone having this issue on PC as well?
                      Gonzalo Gil
                      3dCart Support
                      800-828-6650 x111


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                        Originally posted by GonzaloGil View Post
                        We are looking into this, seems to be a Safari on Mac only issue, using Safari 5.0.3 (7533.19.4) here on PC and the resizing does not occur.

                        Anyone having this issue on PC as well?
                        On the PC side of things, it only occurred when using the Chrome browser (version 8.0.552.224). I've noticed that upon initial loading of a product detail page, the image will sometimes function normally, but when going straight to another product detail page, the bug occurs and the product image zooms away.
                        Safari PC seemed ok.

                        For Mac:
                        Safari version: 5.0.3 (6533.19.4)
                        Chrome version: 8.0.552.231
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