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Auto-detect javascript not working when viewing my site on iPhone

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  • Auto-detect javascript not working when viewing my site on iPhone

    I am trying to view my site on my iPhone, and I have the auto-detect script inserted into my frame template before the closing head tags. However, when I go to my site via my iPhone, I'm getting the regular web site displayed instead of the mobile version. Is anyone else having the same problem and are there any ideas how to fix it?
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    JS exicutes in order.
    Try putting the code in the left column.
    or in frame further down the page.
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      After posting the message above, I worked with support to find the cause of the problem. Apparently, if you view your "regular" site on your iPhone, a long term cookie gets set and that somehow prevents you from being able to view the mobile version of the site.

      So I had originally viewed my regular site on my iPhone, then I activated the mobile site feature, placed the javascript, and then when I tried to view the site on my iPhone, I was still seeing the "regular" site. What I didn't know how to do was clear the cookies and history from my iPhone. Support directed me where to look to change the settings for Safari and as soon as I cleared cookies and history, the mobile site was viewable on my phone. Hopefully this info will help someone else who turns on their mobile site AFTER viewing their regular site on their phone.

      What's bad about this is that I can see the same thing happening for customers. They originally viewed our "regular" site on their phones, the cookie was set for the regular site, and now that the mobile version is activated, they still won't be able to see it because of that cookie. Not sure what the solution would be, but I can see it being problematic.