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Product options in inventory export

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  • Product options in inventory export

    Am I missing something or does the inventory export feature leave out option items that have their own part #'s attached to them? Tried out the inventory export for the first time today and noted that on items where there is an option for different sizes (with additional part# info appended to the main part#), those part#'s fail to appear in the inventory...only the main part number shows with a stock total of all options. I ended up deleting those items from the inventory list before re-importing to avoid screwing up the option inventory (and manually updated each one online).

    I can understand why the system leaves those part#'s out since they're not "standalone" products in the database (though they could be). Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something or I setup my options incorrectly. ;)

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    Did you ever get this to work or figure out a solution?