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    So I think I've finally got everything taken care of for my EV SSL. 3dCart has replied that it's installed.

    This is my first time buying/installing an SSL. Should the whole store now be https rather than http? Also when I go do checkout it's still showing the 3dcartstores domain. Is there something else I need to do?


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      You need to change the 'secure store url' field which is at the bottom of General Settings in your admin. That should take care of the checkout problem.
      You shouldn't need to do anything else. The whole store will not be https, just pages that need it.


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        Well that makes sense. Thanks CB

        Now every time I try to change it and save it reverts back to the 3dcartstores domain. Is there a delay between when it's installed and becomes active? Just received notice this morning that it was installed.


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          there should not be a lag. Check with support.

          then verify it is installed properly.
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            Support straightened it out. There was an issue with their DNS records. Everything checks good with the tester you posted. Thanks for the help.


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              In case anyone else comes looking for this info:

              When you renew a "third party" SSL certificate (ie Godaddy), 3dcart WILL charge you $99.00 to (re)- install it even though you already paid them $99 to install it the first time around.

              I guess they look at is as a new certificate and want to collect their $.


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                its most likely a 2 fold reason why they charge $99 to install.

                1) someone on the development team needs to do it. Generally developers cost companies a decent chunk of $/hr in the first place. To cover their cost (and make a little cash - hey its a business after all) they charge for this

                2) they (most likely) make commissions on the ssl's they sell. If you are circumventing that, you are free to do so, but they have the fee structure in place to recover some of that lost revenue. (also compounds with reason 1)

                I don't know either of these for sure.. but I'm making an educated speculation. SSLs are a necessary evil for sure.


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                  We have a semi-automated process for the SSLs that are provided by our vendor, while third party SSLs (godaddy etc) require manual install.

                  Eventually we'll build this into the back end for users to do themselves, but, until then, it requires a technician to do the work and therefore costs us money.
                  Gonzalo Gil
                  3dCart Support
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                    A quick follow-up comment: we completed this process last week - had our new/renewed third party SSL installed and 3dcart SSL technician Thomas Ritchie provided outstanding service to us.

                    We had no problem paying the $99 - we know it's a manual process that someone (in this case Thomas) has to do. I posted here to help clarify the procedure and charges involved for those with questions about it.

                    Even after the $99, we came out ahead and are happy with the result.


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                      I'm pretty new to working with E-Commerce systems. I understand that you need an SSL certificate to secure credit card transactions. Is this done after the store has moved to my domain? (right now I'm still editing the store on the 3dcart servers)

                      And I'll still be able to update the site after the SSL is installed right?


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                        You sure can modify the store after your SSL is installed

                        the SSL is actually a set of instructions that the server (your 3dcart store) will send to the browser of anyone visiting your site. Instead of sending plain text messages, the pages back and forth are encrypted using a special key contained in the SSL certificate. This prevents outside people from intercepting your messages mid-transmit and stealing your information (i.e. credit card information or otherwise)

                        It does not change the structure of the site or how it behaves at all. It's just a layer of security. Necessary security.