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  • List all pdf files in a directory

    i have a lot of manuals to upload and i did not want to creat a link to each manual. i would like to put the manuals under a directory named after each manufacture "assets/manuals/sega". then when you click on the link "directory" it would display all the pdf files in that directory. is this possible?


    once on that page, the page would display all the files in a specific directory ""

    thx for the help

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    As far as I know, there is no way for you to implement this yourself. It would require hiring 3DC to do some custom programming work, and would probably run into the hundreds of dollars.


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      We wanted to do the same thing, but, couldn't figure an automated way to do it.
      So, here's what we did instead.
      We build a dynamic link to the user manual pdf file for each product. For example, we named each manual as thus: partnumber_manual.pdf and we named each brochure as thus: partnumber_brochure.pdf.
      Once we did that, for each product listing we had links to their specific brochure or manual. The dynamic link we built would look like this: href=/assets/images/pdfs/[id]_brochure.pdf for example. Works quite well, actually. :)