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Best Sellers Configuration?

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  • Best Sellers Configuration?

    How does the cart determine the "Best Selling" Items it displays? Is there a time frame, the last "x" weeks, etc ??

    thank you

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    Hi Drew!

    I think (and I could be wrong) that it's based purely on numbers sold over all time.

    So... you may have to place a few "test orders" if you want to coerce the cart to display specific products.



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      I thought so also, but our "top five" has changed a lot the last couple weeks and it's more of items sold in quantity RECENTLY......but they're not even close to the top five items they've been bumping out over the last 6-12 months.

      I just thought maybe it only went back the last "x" amount of months, like 3, etc.



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        hmmmm... perhaps it's total $$'s that determine a "top seller" vs. total quantity?

        Maybe one of the 3dcart gang will pop in and clarify?



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          "Best Sellers" is probably a misnomer

          I'm more than certain that "best sellers" refers to the last items purchased. Every time a new order is placed at our store, that item shoots to the top of the list. We just got our e-commerce site up and running and haven't made a large number of sales through it, but that's what the cart seems to be doing.
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            With all due respect, it is not the most recent sellers/sales. It is the amount (either quantity or dollar value) of cumlative sales over time. I'm just wondering what time frame?


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              To manipulate your best sellers, you need to do an order for a large quantity of the items you want on top, e.g. 3000 Product A, 2000 Product B, 1000 Product C. Keep in mind though if you do this your Best Sellers won't change until actual sales exceed the numbers you've used. You can even do this as a test order if I'm not mistaken.