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Advice for Custom File / Redirect?

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  • Advice for Custom File / Redirect?

    Hi all,

    I'm moving a site from a GoDaddy store to 3D cart. There is a somewhat prominent blog site that links to a specific page ([DOMAIN].com/ordering.html) in our GoDaddy cart.

    Once we switch over to 3D Cart, this /ordering.html page will no longer exist (we didn't feel the need to keep that page going forward, especially with the increased flexibility and functionality of 3D Cart).

    What can I do with the 3D cart to have it where a potential customer visiting that blog site, who clicks the link in that blog, not end up with a "URL not found" error message?

    Is a 301 redirect the way to go? Or should I set up a page in our 3D cart with the file extension /ordering.html and have it redirect to our home page?

    Also, I've never done a 301 redirect, or any other type of redirect before, so any specific advise is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you in advance,

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    A 301 redirect is exactly what you need. Just set one up to go from /ordering.html to whatever page on the new site you want, and you won't lose any of the pagerank goodness.


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      cbsteven, you've been a big help to me on more than one occasion. I really do appreciate it! I read the knowledge base article on 301 redirects and it seems like an easy and quick fix.

      Thanks again!