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Custom Pricing - Listing_10.html - does it actually work?

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  • Custom Pricing - Listing_10.html - does it actually work?

    I am trying to have a Donation page on our store and let visitors pick an amount to donation. I found the Custom Pricing in the Knowledge Base, downloaded the template and followed the instructions. But I ran into 2 major issues.

    1) I found that if you are in the Category page and click 'add to Cart' for the custom priced Product, it adds it to the cart as $0, not requiring an amount to be entered before being added to the cart. And if you then go back to correct it and add a price, you can't until you remove the product from the shopping cart. So I contacted support to find out how to make it a required field and they said it would require custom coding for a fee to fix their template.

    2) Well after many hours of fighting with the code myself, I decide to start over with a fresh download of listing_10.html only to find that the template doesn't capture the data entered at all, and doesn't anything on 'Purchase'. Very frustrating.

    So after over 20 hours of my time trying to figure out the code, I find the template is not functional as is.

    I have code from my website that functions but it includes PHP which isn't supported here, so now I have to spend more hours converting that code into what will work here or not utilize a custom pricing option.