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    How do you run your rewards program. I am thinking 1 point per dollar spent, when customer reaches 150 points they get $10 off an order. Am I correct in assuming this is how it works? How do you figure your point value and reward? What about expiration of points?

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    You can make a gift certificate for $10 with a redeem value of 150 points.

    But the only true way for the point system to work you need to require all to register.
    Go Live Industries


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      I gave up on the rewards program. I created the GC, gave myself the 150 points to purchase it, redeemed it but got an error message, the gift certificate didnt show in my account but the 150 points were deducted from my points.

      Heres the error I got once I clicked Redeem:

      Not worth the hassle.


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        I have seen this message several times this evening. I purchased an SSL certificate yesterday. Could the sudden appearance of these message be caused by a newly installed SSL cert? Maybe they will go away after I go live.

        And how do I find out if it was installed?


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          That screen means there is a serious issue and the store could not recover, either configuration, or, database wise. You need to put in a ticket please, even if you decide not to use it, we really should look into your store if its giving that screen on any page.

          If you Private message me your URL i can take a look @ it for you,
          Gonzalo Gil
          3dCart Support
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            I will PM you the link. I just got it again while doing something else.


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              I just got that same error message when making a change to a system message on the backend.