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    I have spent a few hours trying to wrap my head around what it is I am trying to get done. Done the research in the forums, knowledge base and contacted online support by live chat.

    Here is what I am trying to accomplish. I have a client that sells athletic uniforms to general public. He also sells to school teams, clubs, college teams, valley leagues...etc. What he wants is what he calls a "Spirit Pack". The spirit pack is all the items that the particular team will need for them to be outfitted with their school or team logo and required uniform. He wants to be able to have them only have access to that particular page or "Customer Group" without being able to see anything else in the site. Login, make their purchase and get out.

    Support says make a Customer group with that particular team name, set the price level2 and hide price level1. Add the category and in advanced tab of that category click the allow access to that particular group. I have done all of that.

    How do you give that particular a login that will only take them to that page, I cant find an area where you would register for your account that would be a place to identify that group.

    Is it in the customers / customers group - when you click on the group that was created to edit there is a link at the bottom that says " registration link", so my guess is that you would send that link to all of the people in that group , they click on that url, it opens they register and the database assigns that person to that particular group.

    Any thoughts. Please!

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      I am not sure I understand your problem correctly, but in our site, when the customer is creating their account they have to select the customer group from the drop down list. We use our groups for different price levels in general, so it is a bit different than what you are trying to accomplish, though, so this may not be what you are asking?
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