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Page Links .asp not Custom File Name...How to fix this?

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  • Page Links .asp not Custom File Name...How to fix this?

    I am going through all my product pages and adding internal links for SEO purposes, and I realized that the page links are created with product.asp code instead of my custom file names. Is there a setting I can change to make it generate the custom page url instead of the .asp? It would be a pain to have to hand code thousands of links throughout my site. Advice would be appreciated!
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    It should not make a difference. The normal product pages when clicked will automatically load the correct custom file pages. Even if they did not if you look in the header you will see the:

    <link rel="canonical" href="">

    So its telling the search engine what page is the correct one to index with that link.


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      I'm not sure I understand but in general.
      • In excel you create the custom file names, titles and mega tags.
      • upload
      • You then need to tell the system of this change by going to settings>general>store modules at the bottom of the page you will see "seo tools" update file names.

      We did the category pages for statics and did not worry about the product pages and have seem these rank just fine. (they display in google base all the same anyway)
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        You need to turn custom file names ON in settings>general>store modules, and then click "upload file names".
        everytime you change a custom file name you have to click upload file names to refresh.


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          I know how to create the custom page names, etc. I just was curious if search engines saw the product.asp page name and followed the link to a page with an seo friendly page name it would be seen as duplicate content. I think the canonical links answers that question. Thanks.:)