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Passing Coupons in Links?

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  • Passing Coupons in Links?

    Can you pass a coupon in a link? Instead of giving coupons to customers in my newsletter I would rather pass the coupon in the link to the site so it automatically comes off the product without them having to enter the coupon?

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    I would love this feature and would be willing to pay for it . With my last cart I hired a programmer to give me this feature, and it it worked amazinngly well. We were able to pass multiple coupons through a link and embed them in newsletters and e-mails.


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      Sorry no deal at this time as 3dcart uses the recalculate.asp. But this could be a new feature request.

      For now you can assign your newsletter customers to a special group and do a promotion such as free ship, X amount of Dollars or a percentage off for a very limited time no code required.

      This will only work if you require login:)

      You can do a storewide 10% off for all that buy that day. And simple inform your newsletter folks of the 1 day sale. The possibilities are endless just use your imagination.
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