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    What is the correct url for the sitemap? I have used both sitemap.asp and sitemap.xml for Google Webmaster Tools and neither seems to work.

    Both show urls submitted but "URLs in web index" shows 0. This has happened since I moved my site and after a few days I get errors saying incorrect url paths and resubmit the site map.

    Also, I update my 404 pages daily in webmaster tools but all the urls are still showing as 404 pages, even though the urls redirect correctly when I click the links. Shouldnt the 404 url disappear after google finds the redirect?

    I am watching my links drop in google due to these issues and its starting to concern me. I only moved here after seeing no SEO issues with another merchant who moved here from Volusion but I am not having the same luck as them.

    I am seeing links where I placed #1 and #2 now showing I am at #8 or #9 and some I have fallen off of page 1. I think it is the issues mentioned above and I dont know how to fix them.

    I'm ready to move back to my old platform and am seriously considering doing so over the coming weekend due to dropped SEO.

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    Have you tried this


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      Your sitemap is located at

      And yes, I have GOBS of 404 "file not found" errors in Webmaster Tools, but it's for old volusion crap like /PhotoGallery.asp or /EmailaFriend.asp or /Email_Me_When_Back_In_Stock.asp or /ShoppingCart.asp. It's not for any of my product pages which have 301 redirects. But again, I've been switched since November, and I honestly don't know how long it took Google to process all those 301 redirected pages. I actually never looked on Webmaster Tools until recently. I just knew that if I looked up a search term for a specific page, it would give me the right URL in their results, so that's how I knew the redirects were working.
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