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  • Cant add items to cart

    This is a continued issue I have seen since moving my site here last month. People are unable to add items to the cart. Wondering if anyone else has seen this issue and what the solutions are.

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    This is an ongoing complaint around here. Usually they say this happens because the customers do not have cookies enabled on their computer, which will cause this problem. There isn't really any kind of workaround for it, unfortunately. If you search you will find multiple threads on this topic.
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      The guy who was having the issues finally tried a different browser. He could click add to cart and the cart link at the top of the page would add an item but when he clicked the cart link he received the error saying nothing was in his cart, even though the shopping cart link on top of the page showed the items.

      I could even see the items he added when I looked at non completed orders. Also, when he logged in and went to his account it was empty - no prior orders, etc...

      He cleared all cookies, lowered his security settings, added my site to "allowed sites" and nothing worked. And he isnt the first to complain about this issue.

      He was using IE8 and downloaded/installed FF so he could order.
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        So he was not able to order with IE8, but he WAS able to order with FF?? If that's the case, then you can probably chalk it up as another screwy problem with a bug-laden IE8.


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          This is happening to us right now. We've had customers report the issue in the past, but we also have one employee (in-house) who cannot add-to-cart. This happened to her originally in June (a customer reported it at that time too), and was ultimately somehow fixed by turning "accept cookies" off and on again. It began to happen again yesterday but we were unable to fix it. I reopened our support case from June, but support closed it again immediately because we only have one (in-house) person reporting the issue. I see the fact that we have someone in-house with this problem as an opportunity to trouble-shoot a known issue, but I guess they don't look at it that way.

          Here are the details:
          - She is using IE version 8.0.6001.18702 (she can add to cart on same pc, using Chrome)
          - She has cookies enabled
          - Her browser is set to always accept cookies from our site.
          - She is not logged in
          - I logged in on her computer and had same problem
          - The attempted purchase(s) would show up in 3dCart Admin as a "Not completed" order, so 3dCart is recognizing the addition to cart, but not allowing her to complete her purchase
          - We cleared her cache, cookies, browsing history, etc. -- still wouldn't work
          - We looked at her IE settings and could find nothing obvious which would block her purchase.
          - When she experienced this problem in June, we turned Accept Cookies off and then on again, and she was then able to add to cart. The same fix did not work yesterday.
          - I have virtually the same setup on my computer and have never had a problem adding to cart. If I disable cookies, I get a message saying I must have cookies enabled while she gets a message saying there are no items in her cart.
          - We have customized our listing templates, but I tested reverting to an older version (known to work for her) and it didn't make a difference.
          - We googled add-to-cart problems and found many similar issues with IE8. There are also several other threads on this user group concerning this problem and IE8. Besides this post, see:

          3dCart Shopping Cart Software Forums - View Single Post - ** Incomplete orders / Abandoned shopping carts - We need your input! **

          - Coincidentally, our site was reported down 10 times over the past three days (we use Pingdom to check our status every five minutes).

          Please, if anyone else is experiencing this issue or has experienced it in the past and can suggest a fix (other than the above mentioned actions) please respond. Maybe I can get support to take it seriously if I can show that others are experiencing it too.


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            My sales over the past few days has been dramatically down and I am seeing similar issues. I have watched customers get error messages when trying to place orders online and when I copy and past the error page I see they are receiving the same cookie error.


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              This problem is more serious than I thought. I suggest everyone that uses Google Analytics run a custom report to see how many people hit the:


              Page on your websites. I just did this and in the past 6 months I had:

              /error.asp?error=41 - 229 (Total Errors) 176 (Unique Visitors)

              176 Unique Customers received this error message when trying to add items to their carts. This is definately causing lost orders and this needs to be addressed.


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                Whole Year Stats on this error page...

                Pageviews 1,052 % of Site Total: 0.23%
                Unique Pageviews 681 % of Site Total: 0.20%
                Avg. Time on Page 00:00:55
                % Exit 13.02%

                This means that 1/8 people that hit this error page leave the site after getting the message. Why has this not been addressed in the past?


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                  We haven't received a single one of those errors, /error.asp?error=41.

                  We've gotten a lot of hits on other error codes, primarily error=19, error=28, error=48, error=86, error=87, and error=89. But nothing for error=41 since we opened our 3dC store a year ago.


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                    Having same problem

                    Hi there:

                    I have two customers that are getting the "You have no items in your shopping cart" message as well. One was a previous customer and the other was not.

                    Just wondering if you were able to find out what the solution was. I emailed support and got all they did was email me a screen shot of them being able to add items to the cart. No help what-so-ever.

                    Any information would be appreciated.

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                      Originally posted by bomy View Post
                      Hi there:

                      I have two customers that are getting the "You have no items in your shopping cart" message as well. One was a previous customer and the other was not.
                      First thing to check is if they have cookies enabled. The most common problem is that the customer block cookies from any and all websites when they browse, when it comes the time to add to cart nothing gets added. Ask them to enable cookies and remove your site from the "block" list and try again.
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                        Not sure if this is problem.

                        Thanks for reply.

                        The first customer was a previous costomer so I would expect that he already has cookies enable as he was able to add items to cart before.

                        The second customer has advised that he was able to make the purchase from another computer.

                        I have checked and if I disable cookies on my computer I get a specific message stating that I need to enable cookies in order to place my order.

                        I'm wondering if there is something else at play as other posts here have stated that when they were able to duplicate the error that enabling cookies did not make a difference.