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Pingdom says site is down but...

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  • Pingdom says site is down but...

    I got 26 (and counting) Up/Down emails today from 2:00 PM until now saying our site is up and down for as long as 50 minutes. I am having no problem reaching site during these "downtimes". Is this possibly an issue with Pingdom? Is anyone else having these issues today?

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    Steve, first I just tried to access your site through the link above and it is not loading?! So maybe Pingdom is right
    However I had a similar problem a while back and someone from 3dcart said it could be their firewall blocking the pings if they happen too often.


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      Get Them on Live Chat

      The best thing to do if your site is down or loading slow is get 3dCart on Live Chat right away. It is much easier for them to look at it while there is a problem.

      For the first 3 years of being with3dCart, I never had an issue, but over the past year, I have had an issue on average once a month. But, to their credit, when I make them aware of it via Live Chat, they are quick to get the issue fixed.