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    One of our manufacturers has a special character in it's name (Eichmüller). Obviously, when naming our products, we'd like to keep that special character intact. However, I've discovered that the special character doesn't work in the quick-search box on our site. Two problems:

    1. If you enter it as a search keyword (by copy/pasting, as a customer might do) it finds no results. Try pasting "Eichmüller" in the quick search on and hit SEARCH. You get no results and the name appears as "Eichmüller" on the search results page.
    2. The special character will not display properly in the quick-search drop down list. Try searching for "saddle leather" in the quick search and look at the 3 resulting items in the drop-down -- "Eichmüller" appears as "Eichm ller"

    Has anyone else encountered this and possibly found a way to maintain the special character? (it seems to display properly everywhere else)

    Thanks, mimib