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Options: Product Height x Quantity...How to?

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  • Options: Product Height x Quantity...How to?

    Hi all,

    One of the products that we sell are drapes (like curtains). We have some standard sizes, but I'm trying to make a product for custom heights (say, you need them 3 feet tall, but the closest standard size that we offer is 4 feet tall).

    Custom height curtains are priced at $1.90 per foot. In this example, the customer needing 3 foot tall curtains would have a total as follows: $1.90 (per foot) x 3 (feet high) = $5.70. Then this would be * by the number of curtains entered in the Qty field.

    I can't seem to figure out how to do this, though. I have the "Height" box in the Options as a Qty field, but when I enter the Qty that I want (i.e., number of curtain panels), it only takes the number entered in the "Height" field, and does not multiply it by the Qty entered (likely because they're both Qty fields). See below:

    Here's what I would like:
    Customer enters "3" in the "Height" box, and enters "4" in the Qty box, then selects "Add to Cart". I would like it to work like this....

    --> $1.90 per foot x 3 feet high = $5.70 subtotal
    --> $5.70 per 3 foot high curtain x 4 curtains total = $22.80

    Here's what happens with the way I have it set up:
    I enter "3" in the "Height" box, and enter "4" in the Qty box, then select "Add to Cart". Here's what happens:

    $1.90 x 3 = $5.70 (even though they've selected Qty 4).

    Any ideas? I have the item price set at $0.00 and the Option (Height) field set for $1.90 value, in case that helps. Any help is greatly appreciated!