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  • UPS Shipping Question

    Hi all,

    I can't seem to find a good way to get the UPS shipping calculation on one of our carts to come even close to the actual shipping cost in some cases. Sometimes the spread is $40 or more (overcharge), which I fear is driving away a decent amount of customers. But, I'm not sure what's causing the problem.

    3 pieces of a base (10 lbs. each) in a 18x18x2 box.
    3 pieces of a metal rod (4 lbs. each) in a 97x8x4.
    2 pieces of another metal rod, slightly different (4 lbs. each) in a 97x8x4 box.

    A customer abandoned a cart with that exact order. They are only about 40 miles away from us, in the same state. Their UPS calculation on the cart: $93.28. When I ran the numbers on UPS's site: $53.51. Something tells me that if I could get the shipping down to where it should be, that would have been an order instead of an abandoned cart.


    1) Does a shipping markup within a product page add that markup to EACH product, or to the entire box of that product? UPS hits us, on those larger 97x8x4 boxes, with an Additional Handling fee of $8.00. So, I put $8.00 in the shipping markup for the metal rods. I want to make sure that it's $8.00 per box, not $8.00 per rod.

    2) If both of those metal rods (in the larger boxes) are different products within our cart, BUT ship in the same size box (97x8x4), does 3D Cart bundle them together when calculating shipping? Technically, they do not need to go in separate boxes (and "ships separate" is NOT checked). Those metal rods can all go into the same box. The bases, of course, in an 18x18x2 would need to go in a separate box.

    I was thinking that the problem likely lies in one of those two questions. Anyone know, or have a different theory? I tried searching on the forum and found a lot of similar posts (where shipping wasn't calculating correctly), but couldn't find a question quite like this...

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'll bet you that 8.00 markup is being applied per rod, not per box. Not sure how to set it up the way you need it (we pretty much use one box per order in our store), but if that 8.00 is on the product page, then I tend to think you'll get an extra 8.00 charged per rod.


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      Thanks Piaf, preliminary testing shows that you may be 100% correct. I dropped the Shipping in the product page to $0.00 (before it was $8.00 because I thought it would add $8.00 per box, not per item), recalculated the order shipping to that customer's zip code, and it came within $3.00 of the actual UPS cost (much better than $40 over!).

      Thanks a million and I'll see how this goes over the weekend orders.

      I appreciate your help and have a GREAT weekend!


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        Glad you were able to get it fixed for your customers :)