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Modifying Category Listing to Display Manufacturer Name

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  • Modifying Category Listing to Display Manufacturer Name

    I want to be able to display the Manufacturer name for each product within the Category listing in one of my websites. I attempted to add the [manufacturer] variable but that did not work and according to tech support that variable is not supported by category listings. It was suggested that I either use an Extra Field (which would entail going through the entire database and re-entering the Manufacturer name for each product!!), or paying for custom programming. This is such a common feature for ecommerce websites that I am having trouble accepting that such a powerful and flexible platform as 3Dcart would be so crude or limited in this way. Am I missing something here? Has anyone ever attempted to do this or know how it can be done without resorting to custom programming or the duplicate data kluge?

    thanks, Sal

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    Yes extra field is the simplest

    Download database
    copy entire manufacturer column
    paste in extrafield_?

    copy/cut extra field code from listing page
    Paste code in category page

    Bonus: You may also add [manufacturer_logo] to your listing pages.

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      Thank's for the tip! I still don't get why this pointless, extra step would be required... the data is available already and moving forward the Manufacturer would need to be entered twice for each product. Very primitive.


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        For years, we have asked for the ability to create sub-categories for the manufacturer's pages. It is one of the best ways to organize products. It is particularly useful and even necessary for manufacturers with hundreds of products. Please vote for this in the Feature Request under "Browse by category within the manufacturer."

        The need for this feature is so obvious it is baffling why it hasn't been done. The manufacture feature needs to made more robust with subcategories, the option to hide a manufacturer, and the ability to show YouTube videos.

        Will someone at 3dCart please address this question?
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