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  • Combining Products / Item in One Box

    Hi all,

    I've searched the forum (not sure how to phrase it...every "match" came up with something not quite what I'm looking for) and Knowledge Base. Can't find an answer to what may be a simple question:

    Product 1 (Item ID 46): Weight - 2 lbs., Box Size - 15x17x5
    Product 2 (Item ID 51): Weight - 4 lbs., Box Size - 15x17x5

    Two different items/products. "Ships by itself" is not checked on either product. If a customer were to add one of each, will the cart calculate it as going inside of one (the same) box, since the box size is the same? In this case, I would like the cart to calculate both products in a 6 lb. box (4 lb. for Item 1 and 2 lb. for Item 2) that is in a 15x17x5...

    Just curious because we have adjustable dimension items that can often be put in the same package as others. However, I sometimes use the "true" box size for a product which can differ from others. For example, Item 5 is listed to go inside of a 8x5x39 box and Item 6 in a 7x5x48 box, but I can adjust Item 5 to fit in the 7x5x48 box to be combined and shipped together with Item 6. If it could calculate both products as shipping in the same package, it would tremendously lower the shipping rate displayed to our customers.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm glad you brought this up, because I was wondering a while back if there is any sort of explanation posted anywhere about exactly what the box dimensions are used for and how to use them properly in this program. I have a couple of different products in my store that can be combined with some items and CANNOT be combined with others in the box. And I'd love to be able to set it up so that the program knows the difference. So maybe someone can post something about where we can find detailed info about how this feature works. :)