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Promotion not working properly - help please!

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  • Promotion not working properly - help please!


    I created a promotion today that is 15% off 4 selected items. I listed those items in the Applies if these Products are in the Basket: section and put Qty 1 with each. Then, at the bottom of the page, there is a place to indicate Discount Applies to this Product: but you can only choose one product there. First of all, I don't understand the difference between the two. Anyway, when I do a test on the 1 item I can have in both places, it tells me that the coupon code isn't valid and it won't work.

    What gives? It seems like every time I try to implement something new, it doesn't work. Very frustrating........

    Edited to add: Ok, so I took the other three products out of the "Applies if these products are in the basket" and it worked. But does that mean that I can't offer a discount on a select number of items using the same discount code? Just means more work for me.....grrrr.....

    Edited one more time to add that I followed another user's advice and created a bogus, hidden category and put my 4 items in it. I then changed the Applies if Products from these Categories are in the basket: to include my bogus, hidden category. Everything looks like it works great, until you put an item not from that category into the shopping cart and it takes 15% off that item, too! I'm nearing the end of my patience rope with the problems I've been encountering with 3dcart......everything seems so difficult, when it seems like it should be easier to accomplish.
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    This does sound very frustrating. Haven't you called tech support about this? They can look at what you have done and let you know what needs to be changed, and they are really good at trouble shooting this kind of thing. We use promotions in a variety of ways and it works really well, but it does take some fiddling to get the hang of it. I am not sure what might be wrong here. We do have promos that apply to only specific categories all the time and it does work. Did you list your sale category in both the Promotion Rules and Promotion Offers sections? That is how we usually set those up, and it never applies the discount to items from other categories.
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