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    Thanks everyone! I will try again later tonight.


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      Originally posted by Barry View Post
      I'm using Excel (2003) to upload my products. My question ....
      Let's say I have 100 products. I have an existing spreadsheet with a column for "image filename". I sthere a way to add to the front of each item in that column the same text with a command or do I have to do each one?

      EXAMPLE: Each one is basically "ImageName.jpg" and I want to quickly add "assets/images/" to the front of each one so it reads "assets/images/ImageName.jpg"

      I think I have searched everywhere in excel, but I could not find this. Could be right under my nose but I just missed it!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Hey... there is a free program you can download that is a plug-in to excel. I've used it for about a year now and saves me lots of time. Go to ASAP Utilities - The essential add-in for Excel users. FREE excel tools and macros to save time. Download Excel tools - Excel software

      I think you'll find what you're looking for in that program to help you out.

      Good Luck.


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        You don't need to combine them or manipulate them in any way to create your Meta Tags. 3dCart can automatically generate these for you, just fill in the appropriate fields with the data you want to use.
        Piaf, thanks for that info - I ended up doing your suggestion after I looked at the source code on a test product using the "short description" and the "keyword" fields.
        BTW: For anyone NOT familiar with these fields and how they show up in the exported csv file in Excel - the "short description" we talk about will actually be the "Description" column.

        That "Insert before and/or after each cell in your selection" plug-in looks like just what I needed about 2 weeks ago!!! LOL I will definately try it out for the future. Thank you for showing this.
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          Apple's Numbers?

          Do any of you folks use Apple's Numbers to import/export your data?

          I'm sure it's just me, but I'm having all sorts of trouble trying to get it to do what I want. I've messed up my import a number of times.

          Basically I have a column of figures (cost) that I want to multiply by (for example) 1.5. I can't seem to find an easy way to accomplish this.

          I am considering going back to Excel & using ASAP Utilities.


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            Since the folks on this thread seem to be well versed in and comfortable with importing into 3dcart, I'm hoping you won't mind me tacking on to the thread.

            We're sort of scared to upload things like product lists, etc because we're afraid we're going to delete our data or otherwise screw something up.

            What precautions do you take to prevent a massive error like that? Do you have any tips or tricks? If you upload a file and a column is blank will that erase the data in that field for all the products? It's that kind of thing that terrifies us



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              • back up existing data (i.e. save the downloaded file and save it incase you need to revert back)
              • When you've done you spreadsheet manipulation, save the file as .csv
              • When you upload the items, after clicking on the IMPORT DATA button, 3D will will give you options like, Insert, Update, Insert + Update etc.... choose the proper option carefully.
              • If something went wrong you always have the backup to upload.
              • Also do this at a time you know you have less traffic on the site - just so you don't lose any potential customers.
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                Thanks for the tips.

                When you say "back up existing data (i.e. save the downloaded file and save it incase you need to revert back)"...

                What file am I downloading? There are 7 buttons that say Export Data: Products, Categories, Products Options (which doesn't include...), Advanced Options, Pricing, Inventory, Image Gallery.

                Or am I supposed to download all these files? I'm not sure how they can disconnect a product from its options in an export and import function.

                If I only want to change a few fields on a few items do I have to upload a file containing all the downloaded data for all products or can I just include the bits I want to change? Do you know what field the database "keys" off - the one I must include in any upload so that 3dcart knows what product I'm editing?

                Thanks again. I'd love to figure this stuff out. I've read the KB articles but they still leave me hesitant.


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                  If you are only uploading the "Product" file, then export the products and save as a back up before you work on it.

                  Mandatory column is the catalogID column, all other columns you can upload selectively if you have any changes on them. Same goes for the rows, if certain items you have no change, no need to upload it back.
                  You save bandwidth if you only upload the needed columns and needed rows.
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                    Thanks for clarifying.

                    So as an example, say I'm uploading a file with description changes to 3 products. The file can have 4 rows (one for each product plus a header row) and 2 columns (CatalogID column and Description column), and there's no chance that when I'm done I will have eliminated all but these 3 products from my shopping cart and deleted all the data for these 3 products except what's in the description field? :eek:


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                      You will only update the column you have on the spreadsheet.
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                        If you only want to update existing products, just be sure to choose "Update" when you import the spreadsheet back into your store. Update will only make changes to the items which have changed. If nothing changed, the Update option won't touch it.