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  • Site Super Slow Today?

    Our site is super slow today to go to item pages? I have checked other sites it worked fine. I checked our internet where you can see results below.

    You can not get much better then our internet we are top 1% in world. It should not take 15sec to open a item page and usually does not take that long on our site, so wondering if there is a problem today? I thank you in advance for your help.

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    Our site was slow last night. Trying to add new items was almost impossible. Finished it up this morning and saw no issues.


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      I turnned in a ticket they did something and its better now. Thx support.


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        It could be worse...

        My back-end has been slow for months. I've contacted support in the past and couldn't replicate the sluggishness while on the phone or via online chat with them. Lately it's gotten worse: while saving product pages, my site will time-out and the browser will return a blank screen. If I hit the back button or refresh the page, then all the information for that particular product page is erased. I doesn't matter if I was just changing the price, all information is erased not just the field I am updating.

        So right now I work on a product page until it times out, then I close the tab, open a new one, and log back into my 3dcart account. My changes aren't there, but at least my product still is.

        Sometimes it freezes when I try adding a category. Other times it just doesn't want to go from one page to another regardless of what pages they are (in other words, it's not just limited to product pages). I've put in a support ticket and swept up the hair I've pulled out, depositing it into the wastebin next to my afternoon. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything similar. The other posts in this thread seem like front-end sluggishness.
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          TMS Clint, do you have a digital video camera? Maybe you could film your screen and then send the file of the video to support so they can see what's happening on the admin side of your store. Might help them figure out why it's acting that way...


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            When a new problem starts for me, of course I first do some digging to see if it is just me, then I always .....
            1. Think back to what has changed (software, hardware, plug-ins, video card, etc) since it started.
            Maybe reverting the system back to an earlier restore point will help???
            2. Do a control+alt+delete and see what the system is doing, what's running, etc.
            Is something "new", "weird", etc running?
            3. Try the same thing on a different computer.
            If everything works fine on a different system, it's definately something on/with your PC.

            Just some thoughts ...


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              Yup, your site seems extremely slow right now from the West Coast.

              Our site seems a little on the slow side as well, but not nearly as bad as yours.


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                Our site is down for the 2nd time today. Frustrating and costly if it is not back up quickly.


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                  We performed some maintenance on your sites and the databases of each to ensure both stores are loading quickly as they always should. Please let us know if you see any issue at all with any of your sites and we will be sure to check into immediately.
                  Haven't spent much time on my sites this morning, but they seem fine. Will update if problems persist.

                  @piaf: I do have a video camera. I'm not sure if I can get the screen to not flicker, but in the very least if it starts happening again I'll take screenshots and use a stopwatch to time-stamp them.

                  @barry: different computers, different browsers, same results. To be fair, I've only run into an item being erased while using chrome, but that could also be because I didn't want to experiment with "will my item disappear?" in different browsers.
                  Webmaster: Texas Media Systems


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                    would be interesting to show what the Google Webmaster labs results show for load times. We are consistently under 2 seconds for page loads. Found under "site performance". It also shows a nice history of how speed has been in the past.

                    Google Webmaster Central. Get data about crawling, indexing and search traffic. Increase traffic to your site.

                    I have only seen a slight uptick in recent days/week but I attribute this to most likely the v4 testing, etc. No downtime or page slowdowns. We are Semi-Dedicated


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                      i had two days this past week with no sales because my site would not load most of the time and it seems to be doing it again right now.


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                        I suggest
                        I wouldn't be without it.
                        Set it at 5min increments.
                        Keeps good track of your website. :)
                        3d doesn't monitor your uptime.
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