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Is there any who can configure USPS for me?

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  • Is there any who can configure USPS for me?

    Any who can configure USPS for me in my cart? I already register in USPS I got the emails with my user ID but I can't do it. I have UPS but I need USPS too.
    Help please:confused:

    my site is

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    Just registering is not enough, after doing your sandbox testing you need to contact USPS to turn you to the production server. The first email you received from them with the subject "Important USPS Web Tool Registration Notice" has this information.
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      Thank you ElegantWeddings, the problem is that I do not understand how to make the tests.


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        For that you have a lot of reading to do.
        the main link is: USPS Web Tools that was sent to you on the email I mentioned in the previous post.

        Specifically for rate calculation:
        Rate Calculators

        If you are not familiar with XML and API calls I suggest hiring someone to do this for you. Not sure if 3D support will do that on your behave using your credentials to send test API calls - you can ask.
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          Excatly! That's what I want. Hiring someone who already did it. I guess that some of the users of this forum has did it in their own stores.


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            What was your solution?

            Hi! Just wondering what you figured out with this, as I'm in the same position... received the email with my registration info but don't understand what I need to to with it! :-/ Thanks!