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Receiving Email Order Confirmations 2-3 Hours Later

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  • Receiving Email Order Confirmations 2-3 Hours Later

    Anyone else having email delays? I am getting order confirmation emails between 2-3 hours after orders are placed today?

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    I have had that the last day or two.


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      Yes, our email was down altogether for most of the day, and when it finally did come back online we have seen delays of up to three hours for the messages to come through. So frustrating. This is an ongoing problem.
      Laura Z
      Brass & Silver Traditions


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        Email problems .... Unacceptable!! Come on 3DCart, you are better than that. Email and E-Commerce go hand in hand. Your cart software is pretty damn good, if I say so myself! Make the email aspect as good if not better OR at the very least it should work as expected.

        We (as merchants, 3D customers, etc.) should not have to go to 3rd party sources to get reliable email service. AND, if we do, it still does not solve the auto-generated email problems. Problems = 1. Slow email service with Smart-Mail 2. Horrible stock auto email templates 3. Clunky, un-intuitive editing of email templates

        Just my personal thoughts on what should be a basic part of a top notch shopping cart, such as 3DCart!


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          From day one with 3DCart, I've noticed our store, more often than not, takes 1-2 hours to send out email. This was not totally surprising to us given the oft-repeated email comments in these forums over the last few years. It is rather pathetic given the overall strength of the cart. Modern mail servers generally take a few minutes, if not seconds, to process and distribute email...don't know why the mail here has to be different.

          Heck, even the most archaic shopping carts I've ordered products from manage to produce an emailed receipt within minutes.