I would like to know if someone has the same problem than me for the UPS shipping calculation.
I give you specifics such as this scenario.

1) Go to this page
This product weighs 20 Lbs.
2) Add 7 items of this product. 7*20 = 140 Lbs
3) Calculate shipping cost for zip code 33309 give you : $81.37 for UPS Ground
4) Update the cart by adding one item , so now 8 items of this product : 8*20 = 160 Lbs
5) Calculate shipping cost with the same zip code give NO ANSWER. However, with my old shopping cart it works, I got ($105.33) for Ups Ground.

I also noticed something in the store_settings page in 3dCart:
In Checkout table:there is : MAX BOX WEIGHT (Lbs).
It says : Specifies the maximun box size (in Lbs). Once max weight is met system will calculate shipping for 2 (or more) boxes.
So if I understand well, it should calculate one box of 140Lbs and then another box of 20Lbs .
Why it doesn't work???

Tx. Vincent