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    I wanted to pass this along so you don't get bit by this one. Every once in awhile I will notice an item has incorrect pricing as it is ordered. The correct pricing is listed in the item admin screen...Never could understand why but I think I found out today.

    I have a support ticket filed but I don't think this is an easy fix. Support is still investigating the issue but all signs point to a big issue some might have experienced without knowing it. This is especially dangerous for qty or price sensitive items.

    I had an item available about 2 weeks ago. Since then I sold it and that was the last one I had. I disabled the ability to order it, changed the template to discontinued (which removes the add to cart button)

    A customer (prior to me disabling it) added the item to a cart but didn't order it. Today he placed his order and the item was able to be $0 too. Support told me that this was possible, even with it being set to "not for sale" because he had the cart cached in his cookies. When he checked out it grabs the cached version and didn't do any lookups on pricing changes or availability.

    I am on 3.2.2 I really hope logic has been implemented in 4.0 (or will be added) that re-examines the shopping cart prior to checkout for pricing changes, qty availability, etc if this bug is as stated above.
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    Yup. ran into this and support told me that the customer must have had the item in their cart prior to me hiding the item. Their final answer was that the odds of this happening are very slim. The hope and pray method.


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      Possible work-around:

      in "Not Completed" orders you can filter by "SKU" and delete the carts that contains the product that is no longer for sale.
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        We routinely delete all of our Not Completed orders every few days to prevent just that sort of problem.

        What makes me curious is how this issue will be impacted by the new v4 save cart feature...
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          Worked with tech support this morning. It appears the issue of being able to checkout with an item, that is marked Not for Sale, will happen if you have inventory control enabled and the default action is to allow backorders.

          Now that I know Not for Sale really "still for sale if you allow backorders" I am changing the inventory control selection box.