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  • Sidebar - Going deeper than two levels


    Has anyone attempted to make the sidebar go any deeper than two levels? In addition, anyone been able to have the sidebar 'follow' you? We have some categories that go 4-5 levels deep, and the sidebar simply doesn't show where you are at. It makes it incredibly inefficient for customers to find what they want. From any examples I've seen, it seems like 3dcart is only designed to go a maximum of two subcategories deep. Any ideas on how to make this work? I'm assuming we will need to re-code the entire sidebar to make this work right.

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    I assume you are referring to your "Seen On TV" website. If so:
    To be honest, I don't quite understand what you are trying to do. When I visit the site, upon a mouseover, the products do not expand for me.

    BTW: For your costume site: Just an fyi, but for me (using IE9), your front page banner is stagnant and the link for the contest does not work at the bottom of the banner.


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      Actually, I was referring to the costume site. For example, take a look at this page:

      Here are the breadcrumbs for it:
      Halloween Costumes > Halloween Costumes > Kids Costumes > Boys Costumes > Boys Super Hero Costumes > Boys Captain America Costumes

      Now, the Halloween Costumes > Halloween costumes is redundant (not even sure why there is that sub category), but this category is currently on level 6. Once you get past the first level (Kids Costumes), none of the links for any of the other categories show up on the sidebar. Ideally, on the page I am showing, on the sidebar there should be some sort of tree showing me where i am at:

      Kids Costume
      -- Boys Costumes
      ------Boys Indian Costumes
      ------Boys TV & Movie Costumes
      ------Boys Super Hero Costumes
      ----------Boys Captain America Costumes
      ------Boys 60's and 70's Costumes
      -- Girls Costumes (currently collapsed, because the customer is in the Boys category)

      Right now, the sidebar is basically static, and doesn't do anything to show a customer where exactly they are or where they can go. In order to do any drill downs, a customer has to utilize the body links as opposed to the sidebar. If you look at most retailers, the sidebar is what shows you where you are at and where you can go.

      As far as the design issues - thanks for the heads up. We are aware of it - and a lot of other ones too. Our main web developer worked on fixing a lot of things this last week, as we migrated to a new design. Unfortunately, it was his last week of working for us, so there are still quite a few things not completed. The image he actually used there was old (as we are no longer going to run the contest). In addition, he didn't setup the flash we were going to use for the front page. There are also some other problems we noticed yesterday when going over the work:

      - Front page has a huge white gap in the middle. We have specific banners to put there, and I'm not quite sure why he didn't use them.
      - Most of the images on the front page aren't clickable
      - Alignment is slightly off on the main page
      - We later had decided to make the logo smaller to get rid of some of the white space on the header bar. He didn't make that change.
      - The live chat isn't clickable and active.
      - Alignment on some of the inner category pages is off.
      - Still have a facebook 'like' issue that we'll probably open up a ticket with 3dcart on..
      - Some of the inner category images are missing
      - We just had the 'category filter' feature installed by 3dcart and it went live on the site 2 days ago. We haven't had a chance to actually touch it yet and really set it up.
      - We removed the sidebar on the product detail page. We haven't redesigned the page to take advantage of the extra space.

      Yeah, we still have a lot of work to do to be prepared for Halloween :) We go from about 100,000 page views a month to 2 million page views a month real fast, so these things need to be resolved quickly.
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        If you decide to do your own menu sidebar you can do a JS if ?= or begins with, display sub cats for that cat and so on.
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