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  • Originally posted by Go Live View Post
    You have no add to cart button on the Cat page to test.

    But yes otherwise stays on the cat page with the use of Quick_view then Quick_cart.
    Oh... i think i see what your saying... yes, because all my products have options (you have to select 1oz 4oz 8oz ect...) I don't have the add to cart button.

    So just the normal add to cart button takes you to the product page page after you click it... that's kinda ridiculous!

    I bet there is a way to use the form add to cart button even if your not using that template... can you just cut and paste the code to make the add to cart button like it is on Brass & Silver Traditions?


    • It has been reported and I can confirm that the add to cart action in IE now goes to the Home page instead of the product listing page. At any rate that is not staying on the Category page as we have been told.
      It seems support has gave up on this and so have I. :(

      Even though most of us have stopped using Quick_view and Quick_cart cause it is so slow we are all forced to use view cart instead of none cause none does not work in IE.

      So for many of us v4 was a loss of function. And many are not willing to have slow sites just to get this function back.

      Now I understand that the developers are proud of Quick_view and Quick_cart so we may never get back what we lost. Even though we won't use Quick?

      It's sad cause I was beginning to get excited about using Quick View. But after using quick for one day the site is so slow (on a few occasion would not load the window at all) we have to stop using it too. So we are left with no quick and no stay on Category page when a item is added to cart.

      So as you can see we too are done with the whole Quick thing it's just not working in IE. But in answer to the form thing. Yes I am sure one could add the code for the add to cart button to be a form for each button. But for me just not worth pursuing as I have now turned off Quick.

      You are in a unique position and do not have a add to cart button on the Category page and that is what seems to be the biggest problem at this point and time.

      I really like your quick_view solution
      And the View Cart popup
      These seem to be very doable
      At this point I would stay away from the Quick_cart and use view cart for those that have add to cart buttons on their Category pages.

      Thanks for all your help (that sure is a sweet site you got)
      Best of sales to you!
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