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    I am having issues with the facebook store feature. I set it up per the instructions and have it set up to display a certain category however, when I go to the store section of the facebook page, there are no items. Instead there is a link: 3&ids=0

    Is there something inside my backend I need to do? Something I might be missing??
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    Hi rburton

    Tech support can usually help with the facebook set up. The only thing they'll need is a screen shot of your settings on the facebook/3dcart app so they can try to reproduce settings on our test account and try to determine what may be happening.

    We do it this way to avoid having to log into your actual Facebook profile to see the settings.

    However before you do that, I think I may have discovered the problem... At the end of that URL you provided, it's listing the catid as 1 3 (see: category&catid=1 3&ids=0)

    The facebook app only allows one category at a time so rather than category ID 1 and 3 separately, I think you meant to make that catid 13.

    Place the 3&ids=0 into a regular browser address bar and see if it pulls any products. I have a feeling that's the cause of your trouble. If so, just check the Facebook App settings where you specified the categories and see if there's any space being added in there.

    Of course if neither of these suggestions work, please let our support people know. Just be sure to include a screenshot of the settings so they can try to reproduce the effect here.