The one big issue I continue to have here at 3D Cart is the inability for customers to retrieve shipping rates. Several times a week, for extended periods at a time, I find non completed orders with the error "USPS (and/or UPS) - Error, couldn't connect to server". When I test, I get these same errors. I test other 3D sites and do not see these errors.

My checkout page is often very slow as the system tries to get shipping costs. I have checked other sites and do not see this same slowness.

Support has been unable to resolve this or find a cause. It will happen then suddenly the issue goes away and shipping costs are again working. When it stops working it is both UPS and USPS.

Most recently Support blamed it on my settings - how this would affect USPS rates is beyond me - and requested my log in details so a manager could "investigate" on Monday.

Rates stop working, hours later, rates begin working again. Support isnt "fixing" it, its resolving on its own, only to return again later.

Has anyone else had this issue or have any ideas on how to resolve this issue???? Every few days while looking over my non completed orders I see "can not connect to server" errors. It is driving me bonkers and there has yet to be a fix.

What we need are back up rates that apply when the system can not connect to USPS or UPS.....