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  • Free Shipping by Weight

    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any idea what is the easiest way to implement free shipping according to weight?

    All my items have weight information.

    I have thought about under Marketing, creating a Promotion...but it seems I have to go through each category, and in some cases, each item, and list them under eligible for Free shipping. I can offer free shipping according to price rather easily, but weight does not seem to be an option.

    Is there something under the Shipping Tools where I can do this? I don't see how.


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    Free Shipping by Weight

    Yes, there is something under the shipping tools.

    If you go to shipping methods and insert the new method as "custom by weight". When you select & insert this method a "edit ranges" link will show up on the new method. If you click this it allows you to set a min. and max shipping weight, and a dollar amount for that weight. Keep the dollar amount to 0 and you got free shipping for that weight range.

    IE. Min Weight 2 - Max Weight 5 = $0