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One Checkout vs Multiple Checkout

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  • One Checkout vs Multiple Checkout

    Has anyone tested one page checkout vs multiple page checkout? We are using one page but considering the multiple page.

    Any thoughts/opinions on this?

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    I prefer the multiple. It's easier to see what step people leave at and it seems to capture customer information better.
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      We prefer the single page. Many of our customers are not very computer literate, and the multiple pages confuses them. Having everything in one place works better for us.
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        I can't use the single but things may have changed in V4. I didn't use it because:

        1.) You can't ask for insurance
        2.) If the customers had a ton of items in their cart it displayed them ALL - so they had to scroll down a long ways to see the cart information. Sometimes I have customers order over 100 colors of thread - it looked terrible in the single page view.

        The real thing though was insurance - I want my customers to have the option to purchase insurance and I require it on large orders.

        Again - may have changed in V4
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          Insurance is a big reason I want to switch but am afraid it will turn buyers off. I dont understand why insurance can not be offered on the one page checkout.

          Wonder if it can be manually coded in.


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            Personally, I think the multi-page checkout flows much more nicely for the customer. That one page checkout was cumbersome the last time we messed around with it. Multi-page was the choice for us.


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              I've looked at both and prefer the multi-page. The single page is cluttered. If it had one of those single-page types I see like on Big Commerce where each new section opens up as the previous one gets completed and filled in, that would be great, but as it is single page is just ugly and clunky.

              Also, and this is big for me -- on single page there's no "edit cart" functionality like there is on multi-page. I know as a consumer I often want to go back and edit my cart.