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Exclude an option from inventory control.

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  • Exclude an option from inventory control.

    Hoping the forum users can help me out. I've submitted a ticket to 3D Cart and they didn't have a solution that would work for me.

    In a nutshell... Store sells flyfishing equipment, including reels. Each reel has a color, size, and then we ask for left or right-hand setup. The problem is, the left/right-hand setup "option" is simply a question so that we can set up the reel for the customer before shipment. Because its set up as an advanced option in 3D Cart, however, it figures into inventory, which we don't want, because it isn't correct.

    Here's a simple example, leaving out reel size. Say we have a reel that comes in either Black or Green. We also ask for Right or Left-handed operation. 3D Cart thinks we have four reels in stock: Green Right, Green Left, Black Right, Black Left... when in fact we only have TWO! A Green (either left or right), and a Black (either left or right). Big problem!

    Does anyone have an ideas how we might deal with this. It would be great if we could simply ask product-specific checkout questions, but I know this isn't possible. I can't seem to figure out how to exclude only one "option" from inventory, which still using the others that are in place...

    Thanks in advance for any ideas!!!

    Also, here is what 3D Cart told me:

    "Unfortunately the system treats all options the same. The only solution I can think of is to either:
    1. Not track inventory for the options (by not enabling Advanced Options) This way all options will just be selections.
    2. Set the black and the green items as separate items and add all of the Advanced options for each.
    I apologize for the inconvenience."

    Choice #1 excludes all options, which we can't have, and #2 would create waaaay too many individual products for us!

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    If you make the left hand/right hand choice a separate text box where the customer must type right or left, the option will not be in the inventory. Does this help?


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      Thanks Luxlife... I thought about doing this as well. Might have to go this route, although I really don't want to... rather not make the customer type in anything. Plus, we really need to ask 2-3 configuration type questions, rather than the single one I gave in my example.

      Thanks for the idea, though!