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    NOTE: This was originally a rant but I decided instead of posting something negative, I would post something positive! Here goes ...

    If you noticed that in the auto-sent emails, the shipping address section is sort of messed up! This pertains to just about all the pre-designed emails that show a shipping address. This problem does not show for the billing address area. I found some coding errors that can easily be fixed. These errors must have been copied from one email template to the next!!

    Take for example the "New Order - Merchant" email. Find this section of code:
    [oshipfirstname] [oshiplastname]
                <!--START: oshipcompany-->
                <!--END: oshipcompany-->
                [oshipaddress] [oshipaddress2] [oshipcity], [oshipstate] [oshipzip] [oshipcountry]
    Replace it with:
    <!--START: oshipcompany-->[oshipcompany]<br><!--END: oshipcompany-->
    <!--START: oshipaddress2-->[oshipaddress2]<br><!--END: oshipaddress2-->
    [oshipcity], [oshipstate] [oshipzip]<br>
    - This fixes the code error for the "company" field (the <br> was in the wrong spot).
    - This fix will eliminate the blank line for "address2" if it does NOT contain data.
    - This fix also puts the "first name + last name" and "country" field on their own seperate lines.
    - I have only done these changes to the HTML content section so far. I have not tried/tested this with any of the email text versions.
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    Another tip for editing the auto-sent emails in 3DCart ...

    If you are going to use an HTML editor to change the layout and look of these emails, this assumes that the editor you are using (CoffeCup, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc), allows you to switch between actual code and WYSIWYG.

    First off, all the email templates in 3DCart are constructed with tables. These tables help to organize information as it is shown to the customer. This can also make editing these emails "somewhat" tricky, but not impossible!

    TIP #2: Looking at the actual code, find ALL instances of border="0" and change the 0 (zero) to a 1 (one). Then when you go to the WYSIWYG view, you will see all the "bounderies" for the tables. This will help you when making changes.
    Just be sure to remember to change the "1" back to a "0" before pasting the code into 3dCart.
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